Inversion Table Benefits

Inversion Table Therapy for Health Benefits.

Inverse tables are being increasingly used for the benefit of relieving back pain. Inversion Therapy is also being used to increase flexibility.
It is always best if possible to avoid invasive forms of treatment, including surgery if possible. It is true that Inversion tables will not solve every back problem. But it has found to be beneficial to relieve the pressure due to compression of nerves.

Many who do suffer back pain are considering the options which are available. The use of Inversion Therapy is a passive way of therapy that targets pain directly at the source and at the same time avoids stresses on other parts of the body. The beauty of the inverse table is that it allows for a progressive form decompression of joints because the tables are completely adjustable.

Inversion Table Benefits

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Inverse tables allow each joint to be decompressed by exactly the same weight that compresses the joint while the patient is upright. The benefit of inverted decompression is that it creates a gentle stretch that relaxes tense muscles realigns the spine reduces nerve pressure and rehydrate the discs.

One of the benefits of owning and inverse table or in inverse chair is that the treatment be carried out regularly in the comfort of your own home. There are a number of excellent Brands that are marketing Inversion products. Such as Teeter Body Max, Emer, IronMan and Best Choice.

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Rehydrate discs

Clinical studies have shown that when the individual is inverted there is separation between the discs of the vertebrae which encourages absorption into the soft tissue of the discs. This decompression allows for increased nutrient content in addition to plumping the discs for improved flexibility and absorption.
At the end of every day you’re half an inch to 3/4 of an inch shorter than you were at the start of the day due to the ongoing compression loading on your vertebrae.
Therefore being in the prone position assists in the discs to slowly reabsorb moisture and nutrition during your sleep hours. Do be aware that Inverse therapy will not work for every one. It is dependent on the cause behind the symptoms. Read the reviews of the people who actually use inverse tables and chairs to gauge whether you believe it is worthwhile considering this option.

Due to injury or due to wear and tear or through age the discs may not maintain full capacity. Very often there is an accumulation of height loss of up to 2 inches in a lifetime.
The best way to ensure that your discs are getting a break from the ongoing compression loads is via the use of Inverse Therapy.
During your daily activities, particularly whilst sitting or standing or in fact carrying out any activity that involves weight-bearing, fluid is squeezed from your discs as well as from the adjacent soft tissue. This is very similar to the moisture being squeezed from a sponge. This results in your discs losing some of their hard.

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Inversion Table Benefits

Reduction in nerve pressure

Disc height relates to the size of the passageway for nerve roots to exit the spinal column. A plump hydrated disc creates the maximum clearance which helps to alleviate the pressure or pinching of the nerve root.
The spinal cord is contained within the spinal column. The spinal cord is actually a bundle of nerves that controls communication from the brain to the rest of the body.

Nerve roots exit between the vertebrae along the length of the spine in the passageway that exists between the discs. Pinched nerves are often caused by damaged discs or dehydration or indeed degeneration of the discs which results in nerve entrapment.

You may have experienced this if you have hurt your neck even mildly feel tingling down your fingers, or if you experience a common condition known as sciatica you may or may not feel pain in your but you will feel numbness down your leg to the soul of your feet. Nerves extend through to the extremities of your body and pain felt at the extremity will very likely be what is known as referred pain.
The increase in hydration to the discs during inversion plump the disk in height which effectively increases the distance between the vertebrae therefore reduces the pressure and potentially the pinching effect on the nerve roots. Inversion Therapy assists with reducing pressure on the nerves.

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Realign the spine.

Many of the daily activities that we attend to lend themselves to misalignments and potential and permanent postural changes. Sitting in the office chair with rounded shoulders, the wearing of high heels, even carrying a heavy bag but always on one shoulder are just a few examples of the stress that we place on our spine. It is not just during our work hours that we put stress on our spine but also during popular sports.

Many popular sports are  one-sided and involve rotational movement such as tennis, squash, golf and hockey which puts significant load on the spine in addition to developing muscles that are stronger on one side of the body. Muscles on e side of the body may be stronger and may have contracted due to the nature of the activity.

Misalignments mean that the body weight is not being supported correctly by the alignment of bones and therefore the soft tissue must work harder to resist gravity. Misalignments are not always felt within a short time frame but over a period of time without treatment changes to your posture and degenerative changes will take place.


Ease stress.

Tension and stress can all be involved in causing pain and muscle spasms in the back shoulders and neck. Tense muscles can be attributed to miss alignments of the spine, poor removal of toxins by the lymphatic system, overstimulation of nerves, and a lack of oxygen rich circulation.The use of an inverse table or an inverse chair will assist in relaxing and gently stretching muscles and ligaments that may have become a shortened or tense. Refer to our page on Inversion chairs for reviews and further info.
It is well-known, particularly by individuals who suffer with this condition, that much back pain is caused by muscles that are cramping.

These muscles remain tense and in spasm and can be very difficult to stretch out. The regular use of inversion table can help relieve this kind of pain by a re-aligning the spine, clearing muscle congestion and relaxing the muscles in addition to stimulating the lymphatic fluid.

It is only the alternate relaxing and contracting of the muscles which move the lymphatic fluid through the capillaries and one-way valves pointing towards the major lymphatic ducts in the upper chest.
Even in healthy relaxed muscles, the lymphatic fluid moves slowly. In instances where the muscle is in spasm the fluid does not move this causes a buildup of carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

The use of an inversion table will tip the body so that the body is working with the one-way valves helping to relax expand and contract muscles to move the fluid to the chest into veins of the cardiovascular system to be cleansed.

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Improve joint health.

The decompression of the discs will assist in joint lubrication by altering suction forces and pressure within the joint. This will this assist in stimulating the synovial fluid that nourishes the cartilage and enhances shock absorption.
Mobilisation and gentle loading of ligaments can help to increase the collagen content of the tissue which will result in the increase of ligament strengths.

Strong muscles and strong ligaments are essential for the correct joint support.

Strong muscles and strong ligaments will also help to protect the joint against injury.

Even the military services have made use of inverse tables to alleviate injuries caused by joint fatigue. There simply is no miracle for back pain.

Anyone who has experienced back pain knows full well that is that your doctor will only prescribe pharmaceuticals to mask the condition by the use of painkillers and other pharmaceuticals which in the long term had very serious side-effects.

Inversion Table Benefits –  a very practical affordable and natural piece of equipment that is backed by medical studies.

Increase flexibility

Stiff joints and tight muscles also causes imbalances which result in improper body mechanics and increases the likelihood of injury. The regular use of an inverse table will provide a natural stretch that elongates muscles and decompress as joints improves mobility and flexibility in addition to enhancing muscle efficiency.
Your body and muscles over period of time will adapt to your bad posture. Sitting in a office chair with slat shoulders the muscles in your chest will shorten and those at the back will lengthen.

At some point it will become strange to stand properly with back straight and shoulders in their correct position. The inversion table will help to realign the spine and stretch shortened muscles.

It is well reported that many users advise that they stand taller and straighter after just a few short sessions with the inverse table. It is very likely that you also will experience a permanent improvement to your posture.

Improve core strength and build fitness.

Strong lower back muscles, abdominals, internal and external oblique’s are essential for the correct support of the torso. Performing setups or crunches whilst being supported by the inverse table is a challenging way to define and develop these core muscles. The beauty of performing core strengthening exercises whilst being supported by the inverse table is that exercises do not increase the compressive load to the spine.

Inversion Table Therapy has many benefits that have validated by clinical trials. If you have any concerns please consult with your health practitioner

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